TANYUGapartment Belgrade, Zmaj Jovina street, City center, Knez Mihajlova

43€ P
Location: City center, Knez Mihajlova
Address: Zmaj Jovina street
Rooms: 1
Persons: 2
Floor: 1
Area: 40m2, studio
Parking: garage 5 eur/day
Prices 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days 10 days
Price per day €45 €45 €45 €43.75 €43 €42.5 €42.14 €41.88 €41.67 €41
Price €45 €90 €135 €175 €215 €255 €295 €335 €375 €410
*For more then 10 days please call us or send email.

TANYUG is a spacious studio apartment in a pedestrian zone just 30 feet away from Knez Mihailova street. It is very comfortable for two, and it can accommodate a third person.

With a narrow and long rectangle as its base TANYUG represents a choice for those who need to be close to the most renown pedestrian zone in Belgrade – Knez Mihailova street, and are not particularly choosy about the price. The structure and the interior fulfill all the criteria of a high quality accommodation in Belgrade. Apart from the bathroom (which is separate) the rest of the apartment consists of a very long (and not particularly wide) single room that is partitioned functionally between the 3 wholes: The kitchen with its ancillary dining space, the living room, and the bedroom, respectively. The bedroom can be secluded by a curtain divider from the living room – which comes in handy in terms of privacy should the third person join in. The scarlet coloured lounge chairs and the chestnut leather sofas, combined with a two delicately incongruous sets of tiles are just some of the details that you are pretty sure to remember. 
The surroundings are perfect for touristy types of visitors and “city-breakers”. A lot of important cultural institutions (Galleries of the Academy of Sciences, The National Theater and the National Museum, Kalemegdan Fortress and Zepter Museum) including one of the main shopping zones in the city are in the apartment’s immediate neighbourhood. A pleasant stay is pretty much guaranteed, as the area is devoid of motor vehicles (the closest vehicle traffic street is a couple hundred meters away). Parking is available in Obilicev Venac Garage (5 eur per day).
All in all, if price is not the decisive factor but the location is, TANYUG is a Belgrade Apartment that should be taken into account. 


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