Belgrade Short Term Rentals with Swimming pools

Belgrade short term rentals with swimming pools are probably the most sumptuous option of accommodation in Belgrade. There are few, but mighty. Apart from apartments with an indoor swimming pool, it also includes family homes that have outdoor pools in their backyards.

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2 57€

SILVER is a small apartment with an exceptional interior. It has a small pool underneath the bed.

Center Svetozara Markovica street studio, 20m2
4 150€

BOMB is a VERY unusual short term rental in Belgrade. With a large jacuzzi, pool, sauna and a disco ball hanging above a crazy booth in its midst, it is a fantastic spot to be with friends.

New Belgrade Mihailo Pupin Blvd studio, 80m2
4 P 200€

HOLY WOOD is a very neat house with a pool, located on the outskirts of new Belgrade. Its unique setting includes a parking for more than 4 vehicles, a swimming pool, an outdoor jacuzzi for four people and a large sauna. HOLYWOOD is a right little suburb paradise for up to four people

New Belgrade, Ledine Petog oktobra st. two bedrooms, 110m2
2 P 250€

OCEAN is really a private spa center with an integrated living room and bedroom. Rent OCEAN for a day and indulge in the charms of the indoor pool, hydrotherapy tub, sauna and hamam...

Zemun Ugrinovacka street studio, 90m2