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3 30€

KIEV is a contemporary design short term rental in Čukarica - Banovo Brdo. It is ideal for a couple, and it can sleep up to three should the need arise.

Branovo brdo Pozeska street studio, 25m2
4 35€

KIKI is a short term rental on the very rim of New Belgrade. It is very well equipped, aesthetically pleasing and very affordable. With a separate bedroom it can accommodate up to four people.

New Belgrade Mileve Marić street one bedroom, 45m2
3 35€

KEY is a rather agreeable studio with contemporary onterior design. It accommodates up to three persons.

City centre Majke Jevrosime street studio, 30m2
2 35€

CORNELIUS is a modest apartment for two in Vračar.

Vračar Golsvordijeva street studio, 30m2
3 39€

KOLARATZ is an apartment in the very heart of Belgrade - literally on the Republic Square. It is fairly questionable choice, in case you are arriving by car.

City center Kolarcheva street one bedroom, 35m2
3 40€

Located in the heart of Belgrade, in a beautiful and serene neighbourhood, KONAK is a phenomenal 50 square meters studio apartment bathing in sunlight.

City center Chubrina street studio, 47m2
6 40€

KENNEDY is a large two bedroom apartment in New Belgrade. It can sleep up to six people.

New Belgrade Dzona Kenedija street two bedrooms, 67m2
4 P 44€

KOSHAVA is an apartment in a new building in Vozdovac. It's got a separate bedroom, a terrace and a garage (available at a daily surcharge of 5 euros), and can accommodate up to four people.

Vozdovac Miklosiceva st one bedroom, 53m2
4 P 44€

KIWI is a short term rental in Belvile with a separate bedroom,balcony and parking. It can accommodate up to five people.

New Belgrade, Belville Djordja Stanojevica street one bedroom, 60m2
4 57€

A roomy three bedroom apartment in the very center of Belgrade, very close to Kalemegdan park and Knez Mihajlova Street.

City center, Savamala Karadjordjeva street three bedrooms, 75m2
6 P 64€

A spacious apartment that spells comfort in the very heart of Belgrade.

City center Gospodar Jevremova street two bedrooms, 75m2