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4 25€

LEVEL is a neatly furnished and affordable apartment for four people with a separate bedroom. It's in a quiet street on the outskirts of Belgrade.

Čukarica Zdravka Jovanovica street. one bedroom, 35m2
2 30€

A beautiful apartment on King Alexandar Boulevard with contemporary interior design suitable for two adults

Center Kumanovska street studio, 30m2
2 P 33€

LITTLE BUDDHA is a charming studio in a new build, in Dorćol with its own parking spot.

Dorcol Budimska studio, 28m2
2 P 34€

A delightful studio apartment in the close vicinity of the Clinical center of Serbia with a garage. With its perfect upkeeping it is ideal for two.

Center Vojvode Milenka street studio, 32m2
4 P 35€

LEMON is a one bedroom apartment in Altina, in Zemun. It is in a new-build tenement, with no elevator and a capacity to accommodate 4 persons.

Zemun, Altina Ugrinovacki put one bedroom, 50m2
2 35€

LAVENDER is a short term rental in Slavija square. it can accommodate a couple.

Center, Slavia Square Kralja Milutina street studio, 30m2
2 35€

LOUIS is an extraordinary studio for two in the close vicinity of Slavia Square. Its contemporary interior has been projected for short term lease from the start. At a 35 euros daily rate it gets all of our warmest recommendations.The minimum stay is 2 nights.

Center, Slavia Beogradska street studio, 25m2
2 35€

LARA is a charming little studio with a terrace in a newly built apartmant building in Vrachar. The three seater turns into a bed - suitable for two.

Vracar Startza Vujadina street studio, 32m2
2 P 35€

LEONARDO is a studio apartment in Vrachar neighbourhood. It's got a own parking spot in the building's garage and a capacity to accommodate two people.

Vracar Sumatovacka street studio, 30m2
4 35€

LOLA is a fine one bedroom apartment on the fourth floor of a new apartment building, very close to Vukov Spomenik.

Center Sindjeliceva street one bedroom, 43m2
2 38€

LAZARUS is a studio apartment in a prime area. Located on the ground floor of an old building, literally just 50 meters away from Knez Mihailova Street.

City center Cara Lazara street studio, 30m2
4 39€

LIME is a one bedroom apartment for up to four people in Cetinsjka street – currently a trendy night out area of Belgrade.

City center, Skadarlija Cetinjska street one bedroom, 35m2
4 P 39€

LANE is a great studio apartment in a brand new residential complex in New Belgrade. It can accommodate four people and it has got its own garage which is included in daily rental price.

New Belgrade, A Block Urosa Martinovica st. studio, 35m2
4 P 39€

LION is a lovely, highly functional, small apartment with a balcony and a garage of its own in Belville. It is a comfy abode for up to four adults . The garage is surcharged an additional 5 EUR per day.

New Belgrade, Belville Djordja Stanojevica street studio, 35m2
4 39€

LOFT is a superb, attic studio apartment in the very center of Belgrade, just a hundred meters away from the main promenade. This wonderful concoction of old and contemporary can accommodate up to four.It is on the fourth floor of a building where the elevator takes you only three floors up.

City center, Knez Mihajlova Cara Urosa stret studio, 35m2
2 P 39€

LED is a studio apartment in Savada residential complex in New Belgrade. It has its own garage available for a surcharge and a capacity to accommodate two persons.

New Belgrade, Savada Urosa Martinovica studio, 30m2