Belgrade at night taken from the left bak of Sava river

Belgrade Nightlife

There’s a time and place for everything and it’s called college. Chef (South Park)

As we happen to be a bunch of middle aged family men (and women), we're so out of touch with the nightlife in Belgrade, that the only people less informed on the topic are our own parents (who are well on their way to nursing homes). Luckily, there’s a bunch of websites glorifying Belgrade’s night life and taking notes on what’s hot and what’s not.We suggest that you sneak a peek to the following:

STILL IN BELGRADE - a pretty good guide to the unspoilt and culturally authentic urbane spots in Belgrade written by two overtly enthusiastic ladies. Well worth checking out.. 
BELGRADIAN - The ultimate take on Belgrade. 
URBAN BUG - a guide through alternative culture in Belgrade. Given the mainstream, fairly cosmopolitan...
GDE IZACI - Serving a good night out  A beacon of local questionable taste and jet set, but if you've come for something different check it out. Beware! You might get photographed :)
BEOGRAD NOCU - experience the best nightlife in Belgrade  Again local jet set and with the unavoidable photos. They do reservations, and have a decent English version.