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2 28€

A lovely studio in Slavia just a hundred meters away from St Sava Temple. It is located on the ground floor of a tenement built in the 1970s and can accommodate up to two adults.

Center, Slavia Kneginje Zorke street studio, 30m2
4 39€

ZORAN is an uncompromisingly neat and clean one bedroom apartment with a terrace, next to KOMBANK arena in Novi Beograd.

New Belgrade, Arena Zorana Djindjica street one bedroom, 45m2
2 P 39€

ZENITH is an exceptionally tidy apartment in a three-storey apartment building in the center of Belgrade, very close to Bohemian Quarter. A perfect spot for two,

Center, Dorcol George Washington street studio, 30m2
5 P 42€

ZIRCON is a tidy two bedroom apartment in a newbuild in Voždovac area. It can accommodate up to five people.

Vozdovac Bilecka street two bedrooms, 55m2
2 P 45€

ZEN is a perfectly designed studio for two in Dorćol. It' got its own terrace and a paking spot (which is available for a surcharge).

Dorcol Knez Miletina st. studio, 36m2
3 50€

ZONE is a supreme studio apartment in the most enviable area of Belgrade and a prime pedestrian zone. It is a perfect abode for two and acceptable for three adulst. The only thing you'll hear from an open window are footsteps of passers by...

City center Chika Ljubina street studio, 30m2
7 P 50€

ZEBRA is a hunky dory two bedroom apartment, located in an apartment building couple hundred meters away from Slavija Square. It accommodates up to seven people and a parking spot in a nearby garage is at guests disposal (at a surcharge of 5 euros per day).

Center, Slavia Kneginje Zorke street two bedrooms, 80m2
6 58€

ZVEZDARA is a huge two bedroom apartment and a living room with a 60 square meters floor area. It's got three terraces and accommodates up to six people. On street parking is free of charge.

Zvezdara Presevska street two bedrooms, 120m2