All about payment

When do I pay and to whom?
You make the payment upon handover of keys. You pay the operator - the person that signs the contract of lease with you on behalf of BEOAPARTMAN. The operator gives you the keys as well.

Can I pay in euros or another currency?
The payment is made in Serbian Dinars, at the selling excahnge rate stipulated by The National Bank of Serbia effective on the day of the payment. There are many exchange offices located close to our flats, so getting the local currency should not pose a problem.

Do you accept cards or cheques?
For the time being,the only payment option is cash. However, a myriad of ATMs are in the close vicinity of our apartments are, so it will not be a problem to get cash.

Can I pay at the and of my stay?
Unortunatley, no. The payment is made in advance, when You are given the keys. If, for any reason, you can’t pay the whole amount at once, you may pay for a shorter period from the one stated in your reservation, and then, before the end of that period, pay the remainder.

Do I have to pay in advance to ensure my reservation?
Once you have confirmed your reservation we take it for granted that you will arrive, and therefore do not insist on a deposit. However, should you wish to make an advance payment (companies prefer this) then we can, and will accept it by all means. In addition, we reserve the right to  ask for an advance payment. This could be the case for longer reservations or reservations being made a long time in advance.