NICEapartment Belgrade, Vucedolska street, Vracar

Location: Vracar
Address: Vucedolska street
Rooms: 2
Persons: 3
Floor: 0
Area: 35m2, one bedroom
Parking: No
Prices 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days 10 days days
1 person 35 70 105 140 175 205 235 265 295 325
2 persons 35 70 105 140 175 205 235 265 295 325
3 persons 40 80 120 160 200 235 270 305 340 375
*For more then 10 days please call us or send email.

NAIS is a oen bedroom apartment in Chubura. It can accommodate up to three persons.

NANTES is a codename for a group of hotel-like rooms that share the floor of an old apartment building in the centre of Belgrade. The largest of them all is NANTES 3 that can easily accommodate 4 people (two on the dashing double bed and the other two on the fold out sectional sofa in the “lčiving” area). The bathroom is an integral part of the room; it is a room with toilet, shower and bidet, and it can be covered with a curtain, but it can also be left pulled back so that the shower can be viewed from the bed. The part of the room intended to be the living room area contains a fold out three seater, a coffee table, a desk and a TV set. Unfortunately, apart from the coffee machine, it is not supplied with any other kitchenware, so the accommodation is really much more of a hotel and not a serviced apartment. The guests do, however, get bathrobes, slippers and toiletries at their disposal. 
It is located in Francuska street, a couple minute walk from National theater. We recommend this apartment to guests that do not necessarily need a kitchen, and appreciate modern and unique interior design.

Rooms NANTES have a different check-in/check-out times: Check-ins are till 22:00 and check outs till 11:00 am


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