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3 32€

HERA is a nice and orderly studio apartment for three in Belgrade popular nightout neoighbourood - Savamala.

City center, Savamala Svetozara Radica st. studio, 27m2
3 34€

HUGO is a very affordable accommodation option located in the prime area of Belgrade. It has got a separate bedroom and is THE ONLY APARTMENT WITHOUT a TV in our offer. Truth be told, you don't need it because Knez Mihailova promenade is literally in front of your nose and packed with cafes and all of them have TVs :)

City center Cika Ljubina street one bedroom, 33m2
3 P 35€

HECTOR is a top notch apartment in a brand new residential complex in Vračar, It has a parking spot in the buildingćs garage and it provides great value for money.

Vracar Juzni Bulevar studio, 35m2
2 35€

HEART is a likeable studio in central Belgrade. It accommodates two.

Center, Skadarlija Despot Stefan blvd studio, 24m2
2 P 39€

HEDONIA is a short term rental in Savada residential complex. It can accommodate two people and it has its own parking.

New Belgrade, Savada Urosa Martinovica studio, 32m2
4 44€

HERMES is a one bedroom apartment in Savamala quarter. It has been fully renovated and it can sleep up to four people.

City center, Savamala Svetozara Radica st. one bedroom, 47m2
3 44€

HAT is a fully renovated one bedroom apartment in the heart of Belgrade's Bohemian quarter Skadarlija. It's near the famous kafana "Three Hats" and it accommodates up to three people.

City center, Skadarlija Skadarska one bedroom, 42m2
4 47€

HUA HUA is a luxurious, designer apartment in Vračar in the close proximity of Vukov Spomenik. Its fine interior can accommodate up to four adults.

Vracar Molerova street one bedroom, 60m2
2 P 48€

H2O is in fact a room with a Jacuzzi (jetted) bathtub and a bathroom in the center of Belgrade. It's a part of a courtyard building with rooms of same type, and the visitors have a parking spot at their disposal.

Center Cvijiceva street studio, 40m2
2 P 50€

A studio apartment in Novi Beograd, within Belville residential complex - home to the second largest shopping mall in Belgrade. Parking is available at 5 eur per day surcharge.

New Belgrade, Belville Djordja Stanojevica studio, 46m2
2 P 55€

HARMONY is an apartment that makes a class of its own. A luxurious abode in an equally luxurious building, with a phenomenal interior design and a five star care – both in terms of upkeeping and hospitality. HARMONY is a perfect place for two and with a surcharge of 5 euros per day a perfect spot for your car as well.

Vracar Maksima Gorkog street one bedroom, 52m2
4 60€

HEXAGON is a short term rental with a hot tub and a sauna. It accommodates 4 people.

New Belgrade Zoran djindjic blvd one bedroom, 58m2
4 60€

HONEY is a spacious studio with a jacuzzi and sauna. This intricately designed love nest in New Belgrade is revealed in all its glory at night.

New Belgrade Zoran Djindjic blvd. studio, 45m2
2 P 68€

HYDRA is a contemporary spa apartment, on the first floor of a courtyard building with four other apartments. It has a large round jaccuzzi bathtub and it is a perfect spot for indulgence.

Center Cvijiceva street studio, 50m2
5 P 95€

HOLIDAY is without doubt, the most equipped and one of the best serviced apartments in Belgrade.

New Belgrade Spanskih boraca 34 two bedrooms, 75m2