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5 25€

CHUKARITZA is compact one bedroom apartment in Žarkovo. It's on the ground floor of new-build and it can accommodate up to five persons.

Cukarica Veljka Petrovica street one bedroom, 35m2
4 25€

LEVEL is a neatly furnished and affordable apartment for four people with a separate bedroom. It's in a quiet street on the outskirts of Belgrade.

Čukarica Zdravka Jovanovica street. one bedroom, 35m2
3 30€

VISEGRAD is a modest and rather affordable apartment in the vicinity of the Clinical center of Serbia. It can accommodate up to three people.

Center Visegradska street one bedroom, 35m2
4 30€

CHESS is a one bedroom basement flat in a newbuild in Vračar. It accommodates up to four people.

Vracar Shumatovacka street one bedroom, 40m2
7 30€

SAILOR is a modestly arranged, two-bedroo short term rental on the periphery of Belgrade. It can accommodate up to 7 people.

Žarkovo, Čukarica Poručnika Spasića i Mašere one bedroom, 50m2
4 30€

MARKET is one bedroom apartment in the very heart of Belgrade. It's close to the transport hub and green market Zeleni venac. It can accommodate up to four people.

City center Zeleni venac st. one bedroom, 31m2
4 30€

VALERY is a nice apartment in a historical building in the center of Belgrade. It accommodates up to four people.

Center, Tashmaydan Majke Jevrosime one bedroom, 40m2
4 30€

DALMA is a one bedroom apartment on the third floor of a building that hasn't got an elevator. It is located in the greater city center area and can sleep up to four people.

Center Dalmatinska street one bedroom, 41m2
3 30€

CHIC is a one bedroom, basement flat in Vračar. It accommodates three persons.

Vracar Cara Nikolaja street one bedroom, 30m2
3 30€

TZAR is an orderly, bright apartment on the sixth floor of a tenement with a lovely view of the Kalemegdan park scenery.

City Center Cara Urosa street one bedroom, 44m2
3 30€

FAITH is a two storey serviced apartment in the wider city center area, just a few minutes walk from Vuk's monument. Comes at a very good price and is suitable for three.

Zvezdara Banyska street one bedroom, 42m2
4 32€

GUNNER is a fully renovated, one bedroom apartment in the city center. It's got two terraces and a capacity to accommodate four people.

Center Beogradska street one bedroom, 46m2
4 32€

RIVER is a neat apartment in Zemun, with a separate bedroom, intended to accommodate up to 4 people.

Donji Grad, Zemun Kej Oslobodjenja one bedroom, 34m2
4 32€

ANGLE is an agreeable and rather competitively priced overnight for up to four people in Belgrade's nightout district - Savamala.

Center, Bus station Karadjordjeva street one bedroom, 40m2
4 32€

CAESAR is a fully renovated and bright apartment in New Belgrade. It accommodates four people.

New Belgrade Dusana Vukasovica street one bedroom, 45m2
4 P 33€

BOUZOUKI 4 is a bright apartment for four people. It is in a newbuild near Šumice park and it comes with its own garage spot.

Vozdovac Janisa Janulisa one bedroom, 47m2