DJERAMapartment Belgrade, Djuke Dinica, Djeram Market, Zvezdara

Location: Djeram Market, Zvezdara
Address: Djuke Dinica
Rooms: 1
Persons: 2
Floor: 2
Area: 23m2, studio
Parking: No
Prices 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days 10 days
Price per day €30 €30 €30 €30 €29 €28.33 €27.86 €27.5 €27.22 €27
Price €30 €60 €90 €120 €145 €170 €195 €220 €245 €270
*For more then 10 days please call us or send email.

DJERAM is an affordable short term rental, studio apartment near Djeram green market in Zvezdara. It accommodates two.

With a small, but well-utilized floor area, DJERAM is a studio apartment partitioned between the small bathroom, the entryway with a kitchen and the main room that serves mainly as the bedroom, but also as a dining area with two bar stools standing underneath the breakfast bar next to the kitchen. Kitchenette to be precise, with a microwave. The bathroom comes with a shower cabin, and the bedroom has a decent sized wardrobe. Not far from the green market it was named after, this apartment is also in the close vicinity of Vukov Spomenik. This area of Belgrade is considered central as it is, and a five minute ride gets you to the very center. On street parking is limited up to three hours, but is in fact extremely unlikely to be found. However, if you were looking for a short term rental near Djeram Green Market, Đeram should be on your list of possible choices.  


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