CHUKARITZAapartment Belgrade, Ilije Djuricica street, Cukarica

Location: Cukarica
Address: Ilije Djuricica street
Rooms: 2
Persons: 4
Floor: 0
Area: 40m2, one bedroom
Parking: No
Prices 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
1 person 30 60 90 120 150
2 persons 30 60 90 120 150
3 persons 30 60 90 120 150
4 persons 35 70 105 140 175
*For more then 10 days please call us or send email.

CHUKARITZA is compact one bedroom apartment in Žarkovo. It's on the ground floor of new-build and it can accommodate up to four persons.

With merely 40 metres of floor area with fairly smart utilization of space, CHUKARITZA is a short term rental with a separate bedroom, that lacks nothing essential for a decent short term stay of up to five (!?) adults in Žarkovo. Right after its entryway, where the wardrobes are, you walk into the open concept living room with modest features and high functionality, and from there you can either access the bedroom or the small but decently furnished bathroom (with a washer and a shower cabin). Sleeping arrangement is 2+2+1 – a two seater sofa and a double bed for two and a sleeper chair. The kitchenette comes with a microwave and a breakfast bar with two accompanying bar stools.  
CHUKARITZA is not far from the namesake stadium, and the Žarkovo sports hall, in a quiet street with lots of on-street parking spots (which are free of charge). The connection to the city center and other parts of town is guaranteed via public transport  (the stop is just 50 metres away from the apartment), but its main selling point is the fact that its parking is free and the fact that, at full capacity, the price per person is mere 6 euros.  All in all, if you were looking for a cheap apartment in Žarkovo, CHUKARITZA is one of the first choices.


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