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Tigth on cash and wondering where to stay in Belgrade? Why not try one of our budget accommodation options listed here?
These are cheapest self-catering apartments in Belgrade our offer. They are certainly cheaper than a hotel and more convenient than a hostel. 

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2 25€

OZONE is a brand new studio apartment in Belgrade in a brand new building in Vrachar just ten minutes away from the St Sava Cathedral. It can accommodate two people..

Vracar Sazonova street studio, 26m2
5 25€

CHUKARITZA is compact one bedroom apartment in Žarkovo. It's on the ground floor of new-build and it can accommodate up to five persons.

Cukarica Veljka Petrovica street one bedroom, 35m2
3 25€

KIEV is a contemporary design short term rental in Čukarica - Banovo Brdo. It is ideal for a couple, and it can sleep up to three should the need arise.

Branovo brdo Pozeska street studio, 25m2
4 25€

LEVEL is a neatly furnished and affordable apartment for four people with a separate bedroom. It's in a quiet street on the outskirts of Belgrade.

Čukarica Zdravka Jovanovica street. one bedroom, 35m2
2 28€

VITRAGE is a tidy studio in central Belgrade. It is a perfect choice for a couple on a tight budget.

City Center Svetogorska street studio, 26m2
2 28€

TIM is a studio apartment for two. Squeaky clean and neatly arranged with a minimalist design, this apartment is a perfect choice for a couple that yearns for privacy.

Vracar Timocka street studio, 22m2
2 28€

BAR is neat studio apartment for two in New Belgrade, near Zemun.

New Belgrade Mihajlo Pupin Blvd studio, 24m2
3 28€

ASYA is a renovated studio apartment on the outer rim of New Belgrade. It's got a terrace and a capacity to accommodate three people.

New Belgrade Mileve Marić street studio, 35m2
2 28€

FOUR is one of the five very similar studios in Dorćol, in the close vicinity of Skadarlija and Danube Wharf. It accommodates up to two people.

Center, Dorcol Visokog Stevana st. studio, 20m2
4 28€

FOSSIL is a modest, yet tidy studio in Old Town in Belgrade. It accommodates up to four adults.

City center Zmaja od Nocaja st. studio, 33m2
2 28€

FIVE is the fifth of five almost identical studios in Dorchol, in the close vicinity of Skadarlija, Kalemegdan and the Danube Wharf. It accommodates two people.

Center, Dorcol Visokog Stevana st. studio, 20m2
2 28€

TROIKA is a studio apartment for a couple. Located in Lower Dorchol area, it is midway between the Bohemian Quarter Skadarlija and Kalemegdan Fortress.

Center, Dorcol Visokog Stevana street studio, 20m2
2 28€

DEUCE is a modest studio for two in Dorchol. It's one of the five similar apartments sharing a floor of a tenement. On foot, it's just ten minutes away from Knez Mihailova.

Center, Dorcol Visokog Stevana street studio, 20m2
2 28€

A lovely studio in Slavia just a hundred meters away from St Sava Temple. It is located on the ground floor of a tenement built in the 1970s and can accommodate up to two adults.

Center, Slavia Kneginje Zorke street studio, 30m2
4 28€

BELNETON is VERY affordable short term rental in New Belgrade. It can accommodate up to four people.

New Belgrade Dzona Kenedija street one bedroom, 34m2
4 28€

MONIKA is a very interesting, galleried apartment in the very heart of Belgrade. It's an ideal abode for two young couples.

City center Majke Jevrosime st studio, 30m2