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2 27€

MIA is an excellent short term rental in central (old) Zemun. It is competitively priced and accommodates up to two persons.

Zemun Starca Vujadina studio, 25m2
2 27€

MOCHA is a small apartment in Vrachar on a third floor of an apartment building with no elevator. These perfectly arranged 18 square meters of floor area can accommodate two adults.

Vracar Vojvode Supljikca st studio, 18m2
2 28€

MICRO is a renovated small studio in Voždovac. It is on the third floor of an apartment building with no elevator.

Vozdovac Splitska street studio, 23m2
3 29€

MARS is an affordable overnight for three in New Belgrade, near Zemun.

New Belgrade Mihajlo Pupin Blvd studio, 23m2
2 29€

MARK is a renovated apartment for two in the very border of New Belgrade and Zemun.

Zemun Palmira Toljatija street studio, 28m2
4 30€

MARKET is one bedroom apartment in the very heart of Belgrade. It's close to the transport hub and green market Zeleni venac. It can accommodate up to four people.

City center Zeleni venac st. one bedroom, 31m2
2 31€

MINI is a minuscule studio in the very centre of Belgrade. It can accommodate a couple.

City center Brace Jugovica st. studio, 22m2
3 32€

MONUMENT is an affordable abode for three near the main coach terminal in Belgrade.

Center, Bus station Karadjordjeva street studio, 30m2
3 33€

MASHINATZ is an impeccably tidy studio apartment that can sleep up to four people. It's in a brand new apartment building in the close vicinity of Vukov spomenik.

Center Ivankovacka street studio, 30m2
3 P 34€

METRO is a studio apartment near Slavija Ssquare which can accommodate up to three persons. It has a parking spot included in daily rental price.

Center, Slavia Boulevard Oslobodjenja studio, 32m2
2 34€

MUNICH is a neatly arranged one bedroom apartment in the heart of Belgrade. It accommodates two people.

City center Resavska street one bedroom, 45m2
2 P 35€

MAYA is a brand new, immaculately clean and perfectly arranged studio apartment, located close to Autokomanda. It's in a brand new building and it has a dedicated parking spot in the garage.

Vozdovac Vojvode Stepe st. studio, 30m2
2 35€

MERCURY is a nice and beautifully furnished one bedroom apartment in Katanićeva, and a perfect short term accommodation choice for couples.

Center, Slavia Katanićeva studio, 35m2
4 35€

MAHOGANY is a neatly arranged and rather affordable studio in the center of Belgrade, which can accommodate up to four persons.

Center Admirala Geprata studio, 37m2
3 35€

MANJEZ is a neatly arranged small one bedroom apartment in an enviable location at a very affordable price.

Center Resavska street one bedroom, 45m2
2 35€

An immaculately clean and thoroughly upkept, MOUSE is a charming studio apartment, and a perfect place for couples. A number of details make it a place of many a return visit.

Center, Slavia Beogradska street studio, 25m2