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4 0€

TAG 2 is one of four fully renovated apartments that share the same floor of a new-build near Shtark Arena.

New Belgrade Antifasisticke borbe st. one bedroom, 45m2
4 0€

TAG 3 is a one bedroom apartment near Štark Arena. It can accommodate up to four people, and is a constituent of a group of similar units.

New Belgrade Antifasisticke borbe st. one bedroom, 50m2
2 28€

TIM is a studio apartment for two. Squeaky clean and neatly arranged with a minimalist design, this apartment is a perfect choice for a couple that yearns for privacy.

Vracar Timocka street studio, 22m2
2 28€

TROIKA is a studio apartment for a couple. Located in Lower Dorchol area, it is midway between the Bohemian Quarter Skadarlija and Kalemegdan Fortress.

Center, Dorcol Visokog Stevana street studio, 20m2
3 30€

TERM is a studio in Vrachar. It has a galleried double bed and can accommodate up to three adults.

Vracar Stojana Protica street studio, 35m2
1 30€

TURIN is a small studio in the very center of Belgrade. It accommodates one person.

Center Njegoseva studio, 21m2
2 30€

TODOR is a very tidy and affordable apartment located in the center of Belgarde. With under 15 minutes on foot from the Republic Square, it also has its own terrace. Sleeps two.

Center Cvijiceva street studio, 34m2
3 30€

TZAR is an orderly, bright apartment on the sixth floor of a tenement with a lovely view of the Kalemegdan park scenery.

City Center Cara Urosa street one bedroom, 44m2
2 30€

TRIANGLE is a VERY modest short term rental in the city center. It sleeps two.

Center, Slavia Kralja Milana street studio, 22m2
2 30€

TASH 2 is a studio for two. It has a separate kitchen, and it is across the street from Tašmajdan.

Center Ilije Garasanina street studio, 30m2
4 34€

TAURUNUM is an apartment on the fourth floor of a newbuild residential building in Zemun. It can accommodate up to four people.

Zemun Cara Dushana street one bedroom, 40m2
4 35€

THALIA is a nice, fully renovated apartment in the very center of Belgrade. It's got its own terrace and a capacity to accommodate four people.

City center Dobracina street studio, 30m2
4 35€

TERRACOTTA is an apartment in Voždovac with a capacity to accommodate 4 persons. It has a garage spot available for a 5 euros daily surcharge.

Vozdovac Vojovde Stepe one bedroom, 32m2
3 35€

TRIESTE is an accommodation unit with a kitchenette and to separate beds in central Belgrade.

Center, Vrachar Njegoseva one bedroom, 28m2
3 35€

TEQUILA is a short term rental in New Belgrade right next to Belgrade Arena. It accommodates up to three people.

New Belgrade, Arena Antifasisticke borbe st. studio, 28m2
4 38€

TIMOK is a bright apartment for up to four people in a newbuild in Vracar. It has a separate bedroom a balcony and a brand spanking new interior.

Vracar Timocka street one bedroom, 42m2