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2 25€

DEUCE is a modest studio for two in Dorchol. It's one of the five similar apartments sharing a floor of a tenement. On foot, it's just ten minutes away from Knez Mihailova.

Center, Dorcol Visokog Stevana street studio, 20m2
2 29€

DJERAM is an affordable short term rental, studio apartment near Djeram green market in Zvezdara. It accommodates two.

Djeram Market, Zvezdara Djuke Dinica studio, 23m2
4 30€

DALMA is a one bedroom apartment on the third floor of a building that hasn't got an elevator. It is located in the greater city center area and can sleep up to four people.

Center Dalmatinska street one bedroom, 41m2
2 30€

DREAM is an immaculately clean studio apartment near Slavija Square. It accommodates two people and it has a kitchen view that's really unique.

Center, Slavia Njegoseva street studio, 30m2
3 32€

DURMITOR is a neat abode for up to three people close to New Belgrade municipality building.

New Belgrade Omladinskih brigada street studio, 32m2
3 P 34€

DELIGRAD is a studio near Slavija square that can accommodate three persons. It has a dedicated parking spot, not far from the apartment.

Center, Slavia Deligradska street studio, 30m2
2 35€

DECORATION is a likable studio apartment in the center of Belgrade, very near Slavija Square. It can sleep up to two persons.

Vracar Njegoseva studio, 30m2
4 P 35€

DUSHAN is a very bright apartment in a new build in Zemun. It has a separate bedroom, a balcony and sleeps up to four people. A garage is available for a surcharge.

Zemun Cara Dushana street one bedroom, 41m2
3 35€

DOSSITAY is a fully refurbished studio with a balcony in the very center of Belgrade. Its double bed and a foldable armchair make it a convenient abode for up to 3 adults.

City center Dositeyeva street studio, 30m2
4 35€

DEPOT is a one bedroom apartment for four adults close to Vukov Spomenik on on the first floor of a prewar apartment building.

Center Sindjeliceva street one bedroom, 48m2
3 38€

DRAMA is a fully equipped, one bedroom apartment in a newbuild in Vračar. It accommodates three persons, but it's perfect for a couple

Vracar Timocka street one bedroom, 35m2
4 P 38€

DELPHINIUS is an agreeable and fairly budget friendly one bedroom apartment in the center of Belgrade with a parking spot included in the price. It accommodates up to four.

Center, Train station Balkanska street one bedroom, 45m2
4 40€

DUPLEX is a duplex apartment in New Belgrade and a lovely spot for the accommodation of up to four people.

New Belgrade Španskih boraca street one bedroom, 42m2
4 P 42€

DIONYSUS is a one bedroom apartment and a parking spot in Dorcol and a suitable spot to accommodate up to four adults.

Center, Dorcol Budimska street one bedroom, 45m2
5 43€

Practically in Knez Mihajlova street, ZMAJ is a comfortable abode for up to five adults.

City center Zmaj Jovina street one bedroom, 50m2
4 44€

DANDELLION is a brand new, neatly organized, bright one bedroom apartment in Novi Beograd, in Belville residential complex. With its separate bedroom it is perfect for a couple, but it can also accommodate four adults.

New Belgrade, Belville Jurija Gagarina street one bedroom, 45m2