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Parking in Belgrade is somewhat problematic in all central areas of the city. If you are arriving by car to Belgrade (especially your own car) we most sincerely advise you to tick the parking option while browsing for your accommodation. This page contains a full list of Belgrade apartments with resolved parking. They come in two forms :
1. Apartments with a reserved parking in the garage of the apartment building
2. Apartments with a dedicated parking spot in the yard of the building
In case you are looking for garage only, please continue to the Belgrade apartments with a garage page.

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2 P 30€

WIND is a tiny studio on the last floor of an apartment building Near Vukov Spomenik. It accommodates two people and has a parking spot included in daily rental price.

Zvezdara Marka Oreskovica studio, 26m2
2 P 30€

STOYAN is a fully renovated apartment in Belgrade’s oldest urban quarter. It is 300 meters away from Knez Mihailova street, and just a hundred steps away from Kalemegdan Park.

City center Zmaja od Nocaja st. studio, 28m2
3 P 30€

WATCH is a tiny studio apartment in Dorćol. It can accommodate up to three people. Guests have a parking spot in the garage of the building at their disposal, free of charge.

Center, Dorcol Knez Miletina st. studio, 25m2
2 P 30€

RENATA is a cute studio for two in a new building in King Alexander Boulevard. It's located on the border of Vracar and Zvezdara , just 500 meters away from Vukov Spomenik.

Zvezdara Vojvode Supljikca street studio, 25m2
4 P 30€

CUBE is a petite and neat studio in the prime area of Belgrade, just a hundred meters away from Knez Mihailova street and Kalemegdan.

City center Kralja Petra street studio, 25m2
4 P 32€

BADGE is a studio apartment with a garage and a balcony in the greater city center area of Belgrade. It accommodates up to four people.

Center Blvd.Despota Stefana studio, 35m2
2 P 33€

LITTLE BUDDHA is a charming studio in a new build, in Dorćol with its own parking spot.

Dorcol Budimska studio, 28m2
4 P 33€

BOUZOUKI 4 is a bright apartment for four people. It is in a newbuild near Šumice park and it comes with its own garage spot.

Vozdovac Janisa Janulisa one bedroom, 47m2
4 P 33€

BOUZOKI 5 is a new and tidy one bedroom apartment near Shumitze, with its own terrace and a parking spot in the building’s garage.

Vozdovac Janisa Janulisa one bedroom, 43m2
3 P 34€

METRO is a studio apartment near Slavija Ssquare which can accommodate up to three persons. It has a parking spot included in daily rental price.

Center, Slavia Boulevard Oslobodjenja studio, 32m2
2 P 34€

BETTY is a smashing, ingeniously designed and immaculately maintained apartment for two. Located in the very heart of Belgrade, in Terazije Square, this studio is indeed a perfect spot for two.

City center Kralja Milana street studio, 20m2
4 P 34€

Vracar Smiljaniceva street studio, 30m2
2 P 34€

A delightful studio apartment in the close vicinity of the Clinical center of Serbia with a garage. With its perfect upkeeping it is ideal for two.

Center Vojvode Milenka street studio, 32m2
3 P 34€

DELIGRAD is a studio near Slavija square that can accommodate three persons. It has a dedicated parking spot, not far from the apartment.

Center, Slavia Deligradska street studio, 30m2
4 P 35€

CHUBURA is a neat studio capable of accommodating four persons. It is on the first floor of a new apartment building in Čubura. It also has a parking spot in the garage available for a surcharge.

Vracar Cernisevskog street studio, 32m2
4 P 35€

KIKI is a short term rental on the very rim of New Belgrade. It is very well equipped, aesthetically pleasing and very affordable. With a separate bedroom it can accommodate up to four people.

New Belgrade Mileve Marić street one bedroom, 45m2