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2 28€

PLANET is a renovated, tidy and bright studio for two near Autokomanda. It is snuggled on the second floor of an old tenement with no elevator.

Vozdovac Ranka Tajsica street studio, 23m2
2 30€

PICCOLO is a fine, compact and overtly pleasant studio near Slavia Square. It accommodates two.

Vracar, Slavia Beogradska street studio, 20m2
2 30€

PETER is a studio for short term rent in the tourist centre of Belgrade. It is an acceptable overnight option for two people.

City center King Peter studio, 30m2
4 30€

POKER is a simple studio for two in the vicinity of the Main Coach and Railroad Terminal in Belgrade.

Center, Bus station Karadjordjeva street studio, 40m2
3 30€

PRISM is a very affordable studio apartment for three people, located in thr very center of Belgrade - close to St Mark's Church.

City center Resavska street studio, 28m2
3 32€

PARLIAMENT is a studio in the close surroundings of the Parliament building, and a truly pleasant abode for thee adults.

City Center Kosovska street studio, 24m2
2 34€

PALILULA is a neat little studio for two in the vicinity of Palilula Green market.

Beograd, Palilula Dr Dragoslava Popovica studio, 31m2
4 34€

PHOENIX is a very interesting short term rental in Dorćol. It sleeps up to four people.

Centar, Dorcol Cara Dusana st. one bedroom, 42m2
3 35€

PHARAOH spacious, classically arranged apartment in greater city center area. It can accommodate up to 3 persons.

New Belgrade Kneza Danila one bedroom, 76m2
3 35€

PASTEL is an incredibly nice and tidy one bedroom apartment in a quiet part of Vračar. It can accommodate 3 persons.

Vracar Cerska street one bedroom, 38m2
3 P 35€

PARIS is a very agreeable studio apartment in an exclusive residential block on the very of Čubura in Vračar. It can accommodate up to three persons.

Vracar Sumatovacka street studio, 30m2
4 35€

PEACOCK is a neatly arranged and quite affordable one bedroom apartment near the Banjica Shopping Center. It accommodates up to four people.

Banjica, Vozdovac Blvd Oslobođenja one bedroom, 60m2
4 35€

PREFERENCE is a studio apartment for four people. It's got its own parking and a separate kitchen.

Center, Bus station Karadjordjeva street studio, 38m2
2 35€

PINOCCHIO is a studio apartment in a newbuld in Vračar, close to Autokomanda, It accommodates two people.

Vracar Grahovska street studio, 30m2
3 35€

POLITIKA is an orderly abode in the heart of Belgrade with a competitive price.

City Center Makedonska street one bedroom, 50m2
2 35€

Modern,nice, with parking spot and in a perfect location, PRINCE is an excellent choice of a serviced short term stay for singles.

City Center Kosančićev Venac studio, 30m2