Belgrade Apartments with a jacuzzi bathtub

A full list of apartment in Belgrade with a jacuzzi bathtub. These serviced apartments range from small intimate love nests for two to the sumptuous villa in Dedinje (Belgrade's poshest area).

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2 39€

FLAME is a studio in New Belgrade for two. It's got a custom made room with a jacuzzi hot-tub for two and it is an ideal spot for a romantic overnight.

New Belgrade Milutin Milankovic blvd. one bedroom, 30m2
4 39€

NARCISSUS is a one bedroom apartment with a hot tub and a sauna. It is in Dorcol neighbourhood in central Belgrade.

Center, Dorcol Cara Dusana st. one bedroom, 45m2
2 39€

OTTER is a room with a hot tub, in New Belgrade near the Sava Quay.

New Belgrade Omladinskih brigada street studio, 20m2
4 P 39€

NYMPH is a rather neat hot-tub apartment in central Belgrade. It has a separate bedroom and parking available for a surcharge.

Center, Dorcol Budimska street one bedroom, 47m2
2 40€

ALEXA is a basement apartment with a small jacuzzi and a small sauna, in a courtyard building near Slavija square. It has a separate entrance and it can accommodate two.

Centre, Slavia Alekse Nenadovica street studio, 42m2
2 40€

SECRET is a tiny, affordable studio apartment in the greater city center area in Belgrade. It is on a ground floor of a new-build and has its own entrance and its own jacuzzi bathtub. It can accommodate a couple.

Zvezdara Stjepana Ljubise street studio, 20m2
2 40€

IOTA is practically a room with a Jacuzzi bathtub and a humongous bed. It's on the ground floor of a new tenement in Voždovac, just 10 minutes away from the St Sava Temple.

Shumitse, Vozdovac Mikloshiceva street studio, 30m2
2 40€

BLOCK is a perfect spot for two. Relax and succumb to a marvelous ambiance and the comforts of a jetted bathtub.

New Belgrade Jurija Gagarina street studio, 28m2
2 40€

OFFICER is a romantic and rather private abode for two with a jetted bathtub for two in New Belgrade.

New Belgrade Zoran Djindjic Blvd studio, 38m2
6 44€

FERUM is a spacious two bedroom apartment, with a huge bathroom with a jetted bathtub and three terraces - right in the city center. It has a kitchenette that is a part of the living room.

City center Rige od Fere street two bedrooms, 87m2
2 P 45€

ARROW is a room with a jacuzzi in a small boutique hotel in Nemanjina street

Center Nemanjina studio, 15m2
4 45€

CANASTA is a simple and rather tidy apartment for up to four people, with a Jacuzzi bathtub (in the bathroom).

City Center Karadjordjeva street studio, 35m2
2 45€

BEAD is a studio created for indulgence. With a jetted tub for two, black satin sheets on a double bed, a minibar and an abundance of dim lights, this little paradise for two will surely become a place of many return visits.

Zvezdara Stjepana Ljubise street studio, 28m2
2 48€

AROMA 1 is a contemporary styled short term rental with a hot-tub. It is in the centre of Belgrade in Cvijiceva street.

City Center Cvijiceva street studio, 30m2
2 48€

MARYLIN is a short term rental with a jacuzzi, just a couple hundred meters from Slavija Square. A huge bathroom, a jacuzzi bathtub for two, impressive LED lightings and a bunch of mirrors - that's MARYLIN for you...

Center, Slavia Beogradska street studio, 30m2
2 48€

City Center Cvijiceva street one bedroom, 35m2