Belgrade parking service towing like mad

Parking in Belgrade

Although driving in Serbia should be much more of a concern, be aware that parkingcan also become a nuisance in Belgrade. Especially, in the city center. Unlike other public services, the workers of Parking Service are very dilligent. BeoApartman has a fair number of apartments with own parking (for a full list check here), but less than a third of them are in the very center of Belgarde. More often then not, you may end up having to resort to alternatives.
Hence this page, where we hope to tell you everything you need to know about parking in Belgrade.

1. Public & Private Parking Facilities

Parking lots, multi storey garages and fast car parks are scattered around the city center. An hour worth of parking wil cost you between 70 and 100 dinars depending on the location. It is the safest and most expesive form of parking. Information on the closest garage or parking lot to the apartment booked with BeoApartman is supplied for each apartment.

2. On-street parking in Belgrade

The city center is divided into 3 zones with a limited parking time. In these areas, parking is charged per hour.You have to pay hourly parking between  7AM and 9PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays it's charged between 07AM and 2PM. On Sundays and bank Holidays is on street parking is free of charge. You can safely park for up to 15 minutes with no charge in any of the zones. As soon as this period expires, you have to pay for the ticket. You can tell which zone you're in, either by looking at signposts or the colour markings on parking stall stripes (red, yellow and green depending on the zone).

 Red zone: (SMS 9111) maximum parking time 60 minutes 
 Yellow zone:(SMS9112)  maximum parking time 120 minutes
 Green zone:(SMS 9113) maximum parking time 180 minutes
 Blue Zone (SMS 9118 for a full day, or 9119 for an hour)

You can pay for on street parking in one of the following ways:
1.Pay via SMS
2.Buying a ticket in a vending machine
3.Buying a ticket from the kiosk
4.Buying a ticket from a parking controller 

In your SMS you only have to write the plate number of your car, without spaces. Depending on the zone, you send this SMS to 9111 (zone 1), 9112 (zone 2), 9113 (zone 3) or 9119 (blue zone) . After a few seconds you get an SMS which confirms your payment.5 minutes before your parking time expires you get a reminder by SMS.
There are many parking officers and they patrol the areas, so the chance to get caught if you try not to pay is very high. The fine will be 1.870 dinars and if you're really unlucky (or just realy rude) the so called 'spider' may come and tow your car. A hefty fine, towing costs and at least 4  hours to find your car and get it back. So be vary.