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2 28€

FOUR is one of the five very similar studios in Dorćol, in the close vicinity of Skadarlija and Danube Wharf. It accommodates up to two people.

Center, Dorcol Visokog Stevana st. studio, 20m2
4 28€

FOSSIL is a modest, yet tidy studio in Old Town in Belgrade. It accommodates up to four adults.

City center Zmaja od Nocaja st. studio, 33m2
2 28€

PHILIP is a studio apartment for short term rent in downtown Belgrade. It's on the second floor of an old apartment building and intended to accommodate two people.

City Center Hilandarska street studio, 28m2
2 28€

FIVE is the fifth of five almost identical studios in Dorchol, in the close vicinity of Skadarlija, Kalemegdan and the Danube Wharf. It accommodates two people.

Center, Dorcol Visokog Stevana st. studio, 20m2
4 29€

FLOWER is a flat for up to four people in the very center of Belgrade, in the vicinity of Parliament.

City Center Majke Jevrosime street studio, 33m2
2 30€

FRONT is a perfect spot for two. It is a studio Belgrade apartment.

City center Kraljice Natalije street studio, 28m2
3 30€

FAITH is a two storey serviced apartment in the wider city center area, just a few minutes walk from Vuk's monument. Comes at a very good price and is suitable for three.

Zvezdara Banyska street one bedroom, 42m2
2 32€

FRIDA is a small studio for two, located in Savamala district. Just a five minute walk from Terazije square.

Centre, Savamala Crnogorska street studio, 25m2
4 P 34€

Vracar Smiljaniceva street studio, 30m2
4 35€

FOUNTAIN is a cute accommodation for up to four people in New Belgrade - next to the Sports Hall. In spite of its modest floor area it's got a separate bedroom. It is on the fourth floor of an apartment building without an elevator.

New Belgrade Otona Zupancica street one bedroom, 30m2
2 38€

FIGARO is a beautiful apartment on teh last floor of an apartment building located in Belgrade's central pedestrian zone. It's fine location and competitive price make it an ideal abode for two.

City center Obilicev venac street studio, 37m2
4 39€

FAN is a tidy one bedroom apartment for up to four people. It is on the 18th floor of a skyscraper and comes with a stunning view over Belgrade and Zemun.

New Belgrade Mihajlo Pupin Blvd one bedroom, 40m2
2 P 39€

FIGURE is a stylish short term rental in A Block (New Belgrade). It accommodates two persons and has a dedicated parkings pot included in daily rental price.

New Belgrade, A Blok Urosa Martinovica st. studio, 30m2
2 39€

FLAME is a studio in New Belgrade for two. It's got a custom made room with a jacuzzi hot-tub for two and it is an ideal spot for a romantic overnight.

New Belgrade Milutin Milankovic blvd. one bedroom, 30m2
3 40€

FOCUS is a fine one bedroom apartment for three people, close to Knez Mihailova street and just a hundred meters away from Kalemegdan.

City center Cara Urosa st one bedroom, 45m2
4 44€

FLORIDA is an unusually arranged, courtyard building apartment in the heart of Belgrade, in the close vicinity of what used to be the American Embassy in Belgrade. It's puts two bedrooms and a whole backyard at the disposal of four guests. A perfect family accommodation.

Center Kneza Milosa st. two bedrooms, 55m2