A price tag with a Belgrade short term rental written on it

Belgrade Short Term Rentals Pricelists

Depending on their size and location, Belgrade short term rentals in our offer range from 25€ to 350€ per night. The price attached to each of these rentals is, in a majority of cases, the daily price on the basis of five nights. In other words, it is a daily rental cost, should your booking last for five nights. For periods shorter than these, it is usually just a few euros higher – if this is not the case the fact is emphasized in the description. However, some of these short term rentals, and especially those with a higher accommodation capacity (two or more bedrooms) have a price dependent on the number of visitors and the difference between the stated and full capacity price is quite significant.
So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, always check the price-lists

To access the details you need to follow these steps:

1.    Click on the link Price List in the About the apartment box on the left hand side of the screen.
2.    A new window is opened with a spreadsheet that contains prices per night and per number of guests