taxis in Belgrade

TAXI in Belgrade

Somebody once said that you can recognize taxi drivers anywhere in the world - they're the people who never seem to have change. Relationships between passengers and taxi drivers is much a love-hate relationship anywhere you go in the world, and Belgrade is no different.

Having Belgrade's recent history in mind, TAXI in Belgrade has been a hot potato for many city authorities. During the nineties and the economic transition of the country TAXI transport has been a source of income for many people coming from all walks of life. Unfortunately, this has also brought about a very bad reputation for almost all taxi drivers - they became synonymous for murky business and swindle of ignorant newcomers.

Fortunately, things have changed drastically but there are still a few remnants of the period. As long as you stick to common sense or the two ground rules that we will put here you are likely to be carefree.

1. Don't be swindled into a ride. As is the case with the rest of the civilized world, you don't wait to be hassled into getting a ride, but actually ask for it yourself. So, if someone approches you chanting repeatedly D'ya need a ride?D'ya need a ride?D'ya need a ride?D'ya need a ride?  - avoid that person. In the very unlikely case of actually accepting the ride, if you notice that the vehicle doesn't have a TAXI sign on the roof, just refuse the ride, in spite of anything you're told or shown. If you still go for a ride, well, we guess you kind of deserved to be ripped off. 

2. Avoid the taxis bearing the big white logo on the roof.  They look legit, and they are legit, but are almost certain to charge you an arm and a leg. It's the association of independent taxi drivers and they are lurking in teh alleyways around the Man Bus Staition and MAin RAilrad Station as well as the airport. So beware.

Now that you have been advised, you will find ou that taxi transport is actually very regulated. For more info on current pricelist click here, and for more advice on dealing with the drivers check out