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2 27€

NOOK is a small studio apartment on a ground floor of an apartment building in the very center of Belgrade. It's got a backyard orientation and is a cozy and relatively affordable spot for two.

City center Majke Jevrosime st studio, 23m2
2 30€

NENA is a truly neat studio apartment in the very center of Belgrade, just a few minutes walk from the Republic Square. It is an ideal and affordable abode for a couple.

Centar Jelene Cetkovic street studio, 28m2
4 35€

NORA is a likeable and neatly arranged studio in a separate housing unit, with its own entrance. It is in Banovo Brdo and it can sleep up to four persons.

Banovo Brdo Nedeljka Cabrinovica one bedroom, 27m2
4 35€

NJEGOSH is a one bedroom apartment on the ground floor of a tenement near Slavia. It sleeps up to four people.

Center, Slavia Njegoseva street one bedroom, 40m2
3 35€

NAIS is a oen bedroom apartment in Chubura. It can accommodate up to three persons.

Vracar Vucedolska street one bedroom, 35m2
2 37€

NEMANJA is a brand new studio apartment in ABlock - brand new residential complex near Belville. It can accommodate two people.

New Belgrade, Blok A Urosa Martinovica st. studio, 26m2
3 38€

NADIA is a fully renovated studio in Dorchol, near the Belgrade Zoo. It is a comfy abode for up to three people.

Center, Dorcol Tadeusa Koscuska street studio, 30m2
4 39€

NARCISSUS is a one bedroom apartment with a hot tub and a sauna. It is in Dorcol neighbourhood in central Belgrade.

Center, Dorcol Cara Dusana st. one bedroom, 45m2
4 P 39€

NYMPH is a rather neat hot-tub apartment in central Belgrade. It has a separate bedroom and parking available for a surcharge.

Center, Dorcol Budimska street one bedroom, 47m2
4 39€

NEVSKIY is a briliant one bedroom apartment in Dorcol, just 2 minutes away from skadarlija and 10 minutes away from the Republic Square. Suitable for four adults.

Center, Dorcol Cara Duana street one bedroom, 45m2
4 40€

NIGHTINGALE is a likeable and quite spacious one bedroom apartment very close to New Belgrade Council House. It can accommodate up to four adults.

New Belgrade Palmira Tolyatiya one bedroom, 48m2
4 40€

NICOLA is a short term rental in the very center of Belgrade. It has got a separate bedroom and it accommodates up to four people.

Terazije, Centar Trg Nikole Pasica one bedroom, 40m2
2 40€

NORTH is an excellent studio apartment for two, with a terrace, located in the very center of Belgrade. The two single beds can be made into a single double bed.

City center Decanska street studio, 27m2
3 P 40€

NATALY is a lovely apartment for up to three people in the very center of Belgrade. The guests have a parking spot in a backyard, three hundred meters away from teh apartment.

City center Kraljice Natalije street studio, 40m2
7 42€

NAPOLEON is a two bedroom apartment in a new-build in Vracar. It accommodates up to seven people.

Vracar Cuburska street two bedrooms, 85m2
3 P 42€

An excellent, fully refurbished and neatly arranged one bedroom apartment in a lovely area of Vrachar, just five minutes away from Slavia square. At a 5€ per day rate the guests get a a parking spot.

Vracar, Slavia Krunska street one bedroom, 62m2