SALSAapartment Belgrade, Crnogorska street, Centre, Savamala

Location: Centre, Savamala
Address: Crnogorska street
Rooms: 1
Persons: 2
Floor: 3
Area: 27m2, studio
Parking: No
Prices 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days 10 days
Price per day €35 €35 €33.33 €32.5 €32 €31.67 €31.43 €31.25 €31.11 €31
Price €35 €70 €100 €130 €160 €190 €220 €250 €280 €310
*For more then 10 days please call us or send email.

SALSA is a small and affordable studio in the Savamala neighbourhood. It accommodates two people.

This neat and rather practically arranged studio has pretty much everything you need for a comfy short term stay in Belgrade. Pretty much like its counterpart FRIDA, SALSA consists of a small entryway, a bathroom and a room that packs all other functional areas into one (living room, bedroom kitchen and dining area)  It does not have a standard bed, but a fold out sofa which may prove a bit narrow for two tall people, but if you overlook this shortcoming, you get plenty of other things that make it rather agreeable: a nice interior, quite a bit of kitchenware, a very handsome bathroom and a good price in a good location. 
SALSA is tucked in of the prime night-out areas of Belgrade - the Savamala district. It’s next door neighbours are Branko’s bridge, Zeleni Venac (which is a green market and a public transport hub) and a bunch of popular nightclubs. SALSA is also favorably positioned in relation to the central Coach and Railroad Terminals, so it is bound to serve the needs of a wide variety of visitors. Therefore, if you are looking for accommodation in Savamala, at a good rate, SALSA is definitely worth checking out.


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