Vrachar Short Term Rentals

Vračar is the smallest and most denselz populated central municipality. It is the home to a number of Belgrade landmarks: from the ludicrous musical fountain in Slavija Square to the biggest Orthodox Christian Cathedral in this part of the world. It is considered a desirable, expensive nest of Belgrade’s middle class, and happens to host some of the best apartments for short term rent in Belgrade. We mean it!
We boast a fine selection of Belgrade apartments in Vračar.

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2 25€

OZONE is a brand new studio apartment in Belgrade in a brand new building in Vrachar just ten minutes away from the St Sava Cathedral. It can accommodate two people..

Vracar Sazonova street studio, 26m2
2 27€

MOCHA is a small apartment in Vrachar on a third floor of an apartment building with no elevator. These perfectly arranged 18 square meters of floor area can accommodate two adults.

Vracar Vojvode Supljikca st studio, 18m2
2 28€

TIM is a studio apartment for two. Squeaky clean and neatly arranged with a minimalist design, this apartment is a perfect choice for a couple that yearns for privacy.

Vracar Timocka street studio, 22m2
2 28€

A lovely studio in Slavia just a hundred meters away from St Sava Temple. It is located on the ground floor of a tenement built in the 1970s and can accommodate up to two adults.

Center, Slavia Kneginje Zorke street studio, 30m2
3 30€

TERM is a studio in Vrachar. It has a galleried double bed and can accommodate up to three adults.

Vracar Stojana Protica street studio, 35m2
3 30€

CHIC is a one bedroom, basement flat in Vračar. It accommodates three persons.

Vracar Cara Nikolaja street one bedroom, 30m2
1 30€

TURIN is a small studio in the very center of Belgrade. It accommodates one person.

Center Njegoseva studio, 21m2
2 30€

PICCOLO is a fine, compact and overtly pleasant studio near Slavia Square. It accommodates two.

Vracar, Slavia Beogradska street studio, 20m2
2 30€

BAG is a miniscule but decently equipped studio in Vračar for a single person or a couple.

Center, Vrachar Trnska studio, 19m2
2 P 30€

RENATA is a cute studio for two in a new building in King Alexander Boulevard. It's located on the border of Vracar and Zvezdara , just 500 meters away from Vukov Spomenik.

Zvezdara Vojvode Supljikca street studio, 25m2
2 30€

A beautiful apartment on King Alexandar Boulevard with contemporary interior design suitable for two adults

Center Kumanovska street studio, 30m2
2 30€

TRIANGLE is a VERY modest short term rental in the city center. It sleeps two.

Center, Slavia Kralja Milana street studio, 22m2
2 30€

STUDIO is a bright, recently refurbished apartment in the close vicinity of St Sava Temple - just a few hundred meters from Slavija square. It accommodates two people.

Center, Slavia Kataniceva street studio, 30m2
4 30€

CHESS is a one bedroom basement flat in a newbuild in Vračar. It accommodates up to four people.

Vracar Shumatovacka street one bedroom, 40m2
2 33€

OK is an OK accommodation for up to two adults in one of the city's most vibrant areas. Nicely furnished with a bunch of amenities it is a great choice for singles or couples.

City Center Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra studio, 42m2
2 34€

COMMANDA is a simple studio in Vračar, near Autokomanda. It accommodates two people.

Vracar, Autokomanda Bokeljska street studio, 30m2