Vrachar Short Term Rentals

Vračar is the smallest and most denselz populated central municipality. It is the home to a number of Belgrade landmarks: from the ludicrous musical fountain in Slavija Square to the biggest Orthodox Christian Cathedral in this part of the world. It is considered a desirable, expensive nest of Belgrade’s middle class, and happens to host some of the best apartments for short term rent in Belgrade. We mean it!
We boast a fine selection of Belgrade apartments in Vračar.

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1 30€

TURIN is a small studio in the very center of Belgrade. It accommodates one person.

Center Njegoseva studio, 21m2
2 25€

OZONE is a brand new studio apartment in Belgrade in a brand new building in Vrachar just ten minutes away from the St Sava Cathedral. It can accommodate two people..

Vracar Sazonova street studio, 26m2
2 35€

LOUIS is an extraordinary studio for two in the close vicinity of Slavia Square. Its contemporary interior has been projected for short term lease from the start. At a 35 euros daily rate it gets all of our warmest recommendations.The minimum stay is 2 nights.

Center, Slavia Beogradska street studio, 25m2
2 35€

LARA is a charming little studio with a terrace in a newly built apartmant building in Vrachar. The three seater turns into a bed - suitable for two.

Vracar Startza Vujadina street studio, 32m2
2 35€

MERCURY is a nice and beautifully furnished one bedroom apartment in Katanićeva, and a perfect short term accommodation choice for couples.

Center, Slavia Katanićeva studio, 35m2
2 P 35€

LEONARDO is a studio apartment in Vrachar neighbourhood. It's got a own parking spot in the building's garage and a capacity to accommodate two people.

Vracar Sumatovacka street studio, 30m2
2 35€

PINOCCHIO is a studio apartment in a newbuld in Vračar, close to Autokomanda, It accommodates two people.

Vracar Grahovska street studio, 30m2
2 35€

An immaculately clean and thoroughly upkept, MOUSE is a charming studio apartment, and a perfect place for couples. A number of details make it a place of many a return visit.

Center, Slavia Beogradska street studio, 25m2
2 35€

TRIESTE is an accommodation unit with a kitchenette and to separate beds in central Belgrade.

Center, Vrachar Njegoseva one bedroom, 28m2
2 P 55€

APHRODITE is an apartment with a hot-tub and a sauna in Voždovac. It is an ideal place for a couple who want to indulge uninhibitedly.

Vozdovac Tetovska street studio, 33m2
2 P 55€

HARMONY is an apartment that makes a class of its own. A luxurious abode in an equally luxurious building, with a phenomenal interior design and a five star care – both in terms of upkeeping and hospitality. HARMONY is a perfect place for two and with a surcharge of 5 euros per day a perfect spot for your car as well.

Vracar Maksima Gorkog street one bedroom, 52m2
2 P 36€

PEGASUS is a classy, well arranged and impeccably clean studio apartment for two people with its own garage. It's in a newly built apartment building in Vracar and just a five minutes ride from Slavija Square.

Vracar Danicareva street studio, 30m2
2 58€

INTIMO is a top notch, bona fide luxurious apartment with a hydro-massaging jetted tub. Nestled in a lovely spot in Vračar, in a brand new building, with mirrored ceiling, bathrobes and slippers and an infinite number of decorative luminaries, are just some of the details of this perfect oasis for two.

Vracar Cuburska street studio, 30m2
2 P 43€

GORKY is a top-notch one bedroom apartment in a superb building in Vračar with a parking spot in the building's garage. It sleeps two.

Vracar Maksima Gorkog street one bedroom, 50m2
2 35€

DECORATION is a likable studio apartment in the center of Belgrade, very near Slavija Square. It can sleep up to two persons.

Vracar Njegoseva studio, 30m2
2 34€

COMMANDA is a simple studio in Vračar, near Autokomanda. It accommodates two people.

Vracar, Autokomanda Bokeljska street studio, 30m2