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Parking in Belgrade is somewhat problematic in all central areas of the city. If you are arriving by car to Belgrade (especially your own car) we most sincerely advise you to tick the parking option while browsing for your accommodation. This page contains a full list of Belgrade apartments with resolved parking. They come in two forms :
1. Apartments with a reserved parking in the garage of the apartment building
2. Apartments with a dedicated parking spot in the yard of the building
In case you are looking for garage only, please continue to the Belgrade apartments with a garage page.

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4 P 39€

RHUMBA is a fantastic studio apartment in ABlok for up to four persons. Fully furnished for extended stays it also has a terrace that overlooks an unusual playground built on the huge terrace on the first floor of the apartment building.

New Belgrade, A Blok Jurija Gagarina street studio, 35m2
2 P 39€

HEDONIA is a short term rental in Savada residential complex. It can accommodate two people and it has its own parking.

New Belgrade, Savada Urosa Martinovica studio, 32m2
4 P 39€

SAMBA is a extraordinary studio apartment in A Block. It can accommodate up to four, but is really best for a couple.

New Belgrade, A Blok Urosa Martinovica st. studio, 35m2
4 P 39€

MOJITO is a short term rental in Cetinjska street on the first floor of an old apartment building. It accommodates up to four people.

City center, Skadarlija Cetinjska street one bedroom, 35m2
3 P 39€

OLIVE is a studio apartment in Belville, New Belgrade. It has got a small terrace and a parking spot in front of the building (behind the parking barrier). A comfy abode for two people.

New Belgrade, Belville Djordja Stanojevica street studio, 35m2
4 P 39€

MINT is a one bedroom apartment in central Belgrade, practically a minute away from the Bohemian Quarter. It has a parking spot available on demand.

City center, Skadarlija Cetinjska street one bedroom, 30m2
4 P 39€

NYMPH is a rather neat hot-tub apartment in central Belgrade. It has a separate bedroom and parking available for a surcharge.

Center, Dorcol Budimska street one bedroom, 47m2
2 P 39€

New Belgrade, Savada Urosa Martinovica st. studio, 33m2
2 P 39€

SAVADA is a neat little studio apartment in a namesake residential complex in New Belgrade. It's got its own parking spot and a capacity to accommodate a couple.

New Belgrade Urosa Martinovica studio, 30m2
6 P 39€

BOUZOUKI 2 is the largest of the 8 similar units that share the location. It comes with two bedrooms, a living room a capacity to accommodate up to 6 people and a dedicated garage spot that is included in daily rental price.

Vozdovac Janisa Janulisa two bedrooms, 55m2
3 P 39€

COPERNICUS is a modest accommodation option for up to three people near the Bel Medic clinic.

Vozdovac Blvd Oslobođenja studio, 35m2
3 P 39€

COLUMBUS is a simple and practical accommodation in the vicinity of Bel Medic general hospital in Belgrade.

Vozdovac Blvd Oslobođenja one bedroom, 40m2
2 P 39€

GRAPHITE is an apartment for short term rent in an upscale residential block called Sun City in New Belgrade. Guests have a parking spot in the building’s garage at their disposal.

New Belgrade Jurija Gagarina street studio, 36m2
3 P 39€

GALILEO is one of the four apartments within the same building in Vozhdovac, close to BELMEDIC clinic. It has a terrace and adjoining garage and can accommodate up to three persons.

Vozdovac Blvd Oslobođenja one bedroom, 42m2
2 P 39€

FIGURE is a stylish short term rental in A Block (New Belgrade). It accommodates two persons and has a dedicated parkings pot included in daily rental price.

New Belgrade, A Blok Urosa Martinovica st. studio, 30m2
4 P 39€

ANGELO is a small but neatly arranged one bedroom apartment in a newbuild in Dorchol. It accommodates four and has its own parking spot in the building's garage with additional surcharge of 5 euros per day.

Center, Dorcol Cara Dusana street one bedroom, 37m2