Belgrade city center apartments

Apartments in the center of Belgrade are the most numerous and popular short term rentals in Belgrade. They are the most varied and numerous group of apartments in our offer. As the city center in Belgrade is relatively large, we have given some additional tags to the apartments The very center, Slavija, Vračar, Dorćol, etc. 
If you know your way around Belgrade, check out our interactive map (available only on desktop)
If you’re coming for the first time, you should know the following about the center of Belgrade:
1.Center of Belgrade consists of three municipalities that encircle 4 square kilometers. That means a 15 minute walk is considered close.
2.The very center of Belgrade is in fact the area called Old Town. Apartment buildings in Old Town are usually over a century old. Many don’t have elevators
3.Parking in the very center of Belgrade is quite problematic. On street parking is limited to three hours and the number of apartments in the city center with a garage or dedicated parking spot is comparatively low 
4.Most of the inhabitants of Old Town have pets instead of kids. Some don’t clean up after them so mind your step.

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2 0€

OAK is an affordable short term rental near Patris halls of residence for students in Zvezdara. It accommodates two persons.

Zvezdara Mite Rakicha studio, 24m2
2 0€

DJERAM is an affordable short term rental, studio apartment near Djeram green market in Zvezdara. It accommodates two.

Djeram Market, Zvezdara Djuke Dinica studio, 23m2
4 0€

TAG 2 is one of four fully renovated apartments that share the same floor of a new-build near Shtark Arena.

New Belgrade Antifasisticke borbe st. one bedroom, 45m2
3 P 0€

ACHILLES is a neat one bedroom apartment with its own parking in Zvezdara. It accommodates three.

Zvezdara Jedrenska one bedroom, 38m2
4 0€

TAG 3 is a one bedroom apartment near Štark Arena. It can accommodate up to four people, and is a constituent of a group of similar units.

New Belgrade Antifasisticke borbe st. one bedroom, 50m2
2 P 25€

HELIUM is a petite, neat little bedroom for two with a bathroom, located in the center of Belgrade. It is the the smallest of the five rooms that belong to the same group and quite convenient for groups. Parking is also available.

Center Cvijiceva street studio, 15m2
5 25€

CHUKARITZA is compact one bedroom apartment in Žarkovo. It's on the ground floor of new-build and it can accommodate up to five persons.

Cukarica Veljka Petrovica street one bedroom, 35m2
2 25€

OZONE is a brand new studio apartment in Belgrade in a brand new building in Vrachar just ten minutes away from the St Sava Cathedral. It can accommodate two people..

Vracar Sazonova street studio, 26m2
4 25€

LEVEL is a neatly furnished and affordable apartment for four people with a separate bedroom. It's in a quiet street on the outskirts of Belgrade.

Čukarica Zdravka Jovanovica street. one bedroom, 35m2
2 P 25€

NEON is an affordable, nicely furnished room with a bathroom, located in the center of Belgrade, just fifteen minutes away from Republic Square. With a dedicated parking spot, NEON is a comfy abode for two.

Center Cvijiceva street studio, 20m2
2 27€

MOCHA is a small apartment in Vrachar on a third floor of an apartment building with no elevator. These perfectly arranged 18 square meters of floor area can accommodate two adults.

Vracar Vojvode Supljikca st studio, 18m2
2 27€

MIA is an excellent short term rental in central (old) Zemun. It is competitively priced and accommodates up to two persons.

Zemun Starca Vujadina studio, 25m2
2 27€

NOOK is a small studio apartment on a ground floor of an apartment building in the very center of Belgrade. It's got a backyard orientation and is a cozy and relatively affordable spot for two.

City center Majke Jevrosime st studio, 23m2
2 28€

VITRAGE is a tidy studio in central Belgrade. It is a perfect choice for a couple on a tight budget.

City Center Svetogorska street studio, 26m2
2 28€

COCONUT is a studio for two people in New Belgrade. Bright and fully refurnished it is one of the most affordable apartments in this neighbourhood.

New Belgrade Jurija Gagarina street studio, 28m2
2 28€

BAR is neat studio apartment for two in New Belgrade, near Zemun.

New Belgrade Mihajlo Pupin Blvd studio, 24m2