Vrachar Short Term Rentals

Vračar is the smallest and most denselz populated central municipality. It is the home to a number of Belgrade landmarks: from the ludicrous musical fountain in Slavija Square to the biggest Orthodox Christian Cathedral in this part of the world. It is considered a desirable, expensive nest of Belgrade’s middle class, and happens to host some of the best apartments for short term rent in Belgrade. We mean it!
We boast a fine selection of Belgrade apartments in Vračar.

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3 57€

PROTON is a stylish studio, within walking distance from Slavjia Square. This intricately designed accommodation with a balcony can accommodate up to three people.

Center, Slavia Prote Mateje st. studio, 42m2
4 P 58€

VENDI is an unusual short term rental with a hot tub located in Vračar. It's a perfect spot for two, but it can accommodate four people.

Vracar Milesevska one bedroom, 40m2
4 60€

ECLECTICS is a special and extraordinarily arranged two bedroom apartment in the heart of Vrachar. Its carefully picked, eclectic interior can make a comfortable abode for up to four adults.

Vrachar Njegoseva two bedrooms, 90m2
4 60€

PARADIZO is a stunning Belgrade accommodation for two couples in a brand new, luxurious building in Vrachar, close to St Sava temple. A jaccuzzi bathtub, two balconies, perfectly arranged rooms, lavish luminaries...

Vracar Cuburska street one bedroom, 76m2
4 60€

HEXAGON is a short term rental with a hot tub and a sauna. It accommodates 4 people.

New Belgrade Zoran djindjic blvd one bedroom, 58m2
4 60€

PLUS is and excellent one bedroom apartment with a terrace near Slavija.

Center, Slavia Bulevar oslobodjenja st. one bedroom, 58m2
6 P 64€

GAI is a superb two bedroom apartment with its own garage in the close vicinity of King Alexander Boulevard. It is a neat and comfortable abode for up to six people.

Vracar Gajeva street two bedrooms, 75m2
4 P 66€

JOVAN is a luxurious one bedroom apartment in a top notch building at a very prestigious spot in Belgrade. With a stunning view, a parking spot in the garage and great surroundings this sumptuous abode can accommodate up to four people.

Vracar, Slavija Skerliceva street one bedroom, 60m2
7 P 69€

COLLISEUM is an airy, luxurious apartment for seven people in a brand new building in Vrachar. Three bedrooms, four A/Cs, two bathrooms, ancilliary toilet, and a garage. Welcome!

Center, Slavia Koce Kapetana street three bedrooms, 105m2
4 78€

SULTAN is an amazing one bedroom apartment with two terraces, a Turkish bathroom and a sauna. This oasis of indulgence in winter months, accommodates up to four adults.

Vracar Cuburska street one bedroom, 90m2
4 P 78€

MILANO is a very luxurious apartment in Vračar with a parking spot and can accommodate up to 4 people. Intriguing design and a range of upscale features (jacuzzi in the bathroom), make it a an affluent choice.

Vracar Nebojsina street one bedroom, 55m2
4 P 78€

PLATEAU is a high class accommodation in the center of Belgrade in Slavija.

Center, Slavia Krusedolska street two bedrooms, 58m2
4 80€

MARTIN is a luxurious two en-suite bedroom apartment in Lamartine's Street in Vračar. It comes with a huge (40 sqm) terrace that surrounds the apartment.

Vracar Lamartinova street two bedrooms, 145m2
8 100€

SOUTHEAST is combination of two centrally located apartments (SOUTH and EAST) that share an entrance. It can accommodate up to 8 adults.

City center Dechanska two bedrooms, 87m2